Mah's Helping Hand


Want to learn the NMJL card quicker?


“Well that’s great, except I have a hard enough time finding one hand for Mah Jongg much less two”, lamented Someone somewhere.

Problem solved!

Use Mah Jongg Highlighters.

At the start of the Siamese Mah Jongg® game you’ve got two racks full of tiles. You most likely can put together at least one hand to go with, for one Mah Jongg. Place a Mah Jongg Highlighter over that hand to easily refer back to.

As you continue to pick and discard tiles and your second rack of tiles evolves into a couple of possible hands, place Highlighters over each of those hands for your second potential Mah Jongg.

Every time you play Siamese Mah Jongg®, you consider twice as many hands on the card for your double Mah Jongg thus learning the hands on the card so much quicker.

Siamese Mah Jongg® is a blast and should be played by every Mah Jongg player. Think of the number of times you only had two people available to play? I know, often.

You can do this! Give it a go…everyone’s doing it! Buy some Mah Jongg Highlighters today and improve your game.

Read our lovely story about how Mah Jongg Highlighters were created, here.

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