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Care & Use

MHH Sleeves and Mah Jongg Highlighters

Our Sleeves and Highlighters are made of plastic and best stored indoors or at room temperature.

Important note for MHH Sleeves:

Once our adjustable Sleeve has been fitted to a specific size Mah Jongg card, it can only be reused for that size card. Every Mah Jongg card should be enclosed, fitted and protected by its own Sleeve.

Care Instructions for Sleeve:

Use a baby wipe to clean both sides of the Sleeve. Then place your Highlighters back on the Sleeve to store them. Use of harsh chemicals may damage the durable plastic. 

Use of MHH Highlighters:

Use the Highlighters on our protective Sleeve. If used directly on your Mah Jongg card or other vinyl card protectors, the Highlighters will get dusty and lose their adhesive properties. We guarantee our Highlighters for one year (but should last even longer) when used on our protective card Sleeves.

Once your CARD is placed inside a Sleeve, carefully peel each Highlighter from its paper backing and throw the backing away. Place the Highlighters directly on the Sleeve. Lift colored corners to move the Highlighters when changing hands.

Strategy: Keep all 3 or 4 Highlighters on your card at all times. Don’t let the other players know what your playing by only using one Highlighter!


Store and leave your Highlighters placed FLAT on your card Sleeve and trifold closed for future use. Make sure the Highlighters are kept AWAY from the creases of the card when you trifold and put it away. Creases in your Highlighters will diminish their adhesive properties. Keep them FLAT!

Care Instructions for MHH Highlighters:

Your Highlighters may collect dust, fingerprints, crumbs, etc. which may diminish their adhesiveness. Put a drop of the “BLUE, HIGH QUALITY DEGREASING DISH SOAP” on your finger and thumb, make a lather and rub onto both sides of the Highlighter WHILE running it under WARM water. Rinse well and GENTLY PAT dry with a microfiber towel or lint free rag. Your Highlighters will be sticky again. Watch the video “Washing your Mah Jongg Highlighters

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