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The many ways and reasons to use our Mah Jongg Highlighters!


Place a Highlighter on each of the hands that your instructor suggests you watch as you go through the Charleston and pick tiles from the wall. This will allow you to focus on the hands you are developing and it will prevent you from discarding a tile you need for a hand.

With the Highlighters in place, you can focus on all the rules and nuances of the game instead of constantly asking your teacher, “Sorry, what hands should I be following, again?”. I remember that very frustrating question constantly being asked by myself and all the other students. It’s understandable though. That Mah Jongg card and all its patterns is completely new and confusing.

Our Mah Jongg Highlighters make this part of the class, a thing of the past. Mah Jongg instructors around the country are recommending them to their students who are overwhelmed by the many patterns on the card.

“OMG…I love these highlighters! They have changed my entire teaching experience. Instead of having to keep track of 2 or 3 hands for each student, they can now easily find their hands and instead concentrate on learning the rules. YAY! Kudos to Tina for this great creation.”

– Debbie B.


Memorizing the card can take some time or may be something you’d rather pass on! While it’s still unfamiliar, use our Highlighters to assist you in keeping track of several hand options at the same time.

Remember, you are using the Highlighters to assist YOU while you become more confident with the many rules and nuances of the game. Being concerned about what other players may see regarding your hands is unimportant. If the tiles and jokers come up for you, you will win. And even when you lose, the Highlighters help you stay focused, calm and confident while playing.

“I am a beginner! I COULD NOT play this game without the kit I purchased from Mah’s Helping Hand! It came quick and in an adorable silk bag that I now keep all of my cards and accessories in! The highlighters are key to help your eye go right to the line you are playing!! The sheer sleeve is perfect for keeping your card fresh and clean! No bending and no glare!! Thank you for this great product!!!”

– Mitzi S.


“But won’t the other players see what I’m playing?”

You will have 3 or 4 Highlighters on your card that are helping you keep track of your potential hands. During play, move an unused Highlighter to another hand. Then, do it again if you are still concerned. This will definitely confuse your opponents who may be sneaking a peak.

Seasoned players will know what you are playing after 1 or 2 of your exposures and seeing which tiles are thrown, etc. Very doubtful it will be from your Highlighters.

“This is a wonderful product that makes it really easy to keep track of the different hands which helps, especially for beginners. I picked up a useful tip reading one of the review responses. I will have to remember to use a Decoy Highlighter next time to thwart that player who thinks she’s got my hand all figured out after sneaking a look at my card.”

– Douglas Y.


When an opponent has 2 exposures, you can usually figure out what they are playing however, you may lose track of which hand they are playing at a crucial time, like when you need to discard. Simply place a Highlighter on the hand your opponent is playing and prevent yourself from throwing their Mah Jongg.

The idea of tracking ones opponents’ hands came to us through our customer feedback and their desire for a 4 pack of Highlighters. They wanted to keep track of their hand and also their opponents’ hands. We now sell a Set of 4 Highlighters. Thanks for all the suggestions. We listen.”

– Tina G.


Did you know that playing Siamese Mah Jongg® will assist you in learning the NMLJ card quicker? “Well that’s great, except I have a hard enough time finding one Mah Jongg.”.

Use our Mah Jongg Highlighters to help you focus on one hand while beginning the game of SIAMESE MAH JONGG® . As you continue to pick tiles and your hands evolve, move your other Highlighters to other, more likely hands, for your second potential Mah Jongg.

As a new Siamese MJ player I need help focusing in on potential hands. My mind is kind ofworking on overdrive looking for two hands to simultaneously play in this version of MJ. Using the highlighters helps me to hone in on my card to exactly where I need to be looking. It makes it easier for my eyes to go exactly where they need to be. I’m also dyslexic and the highlighters assure me I’m looking at the right hands once I’ve decided on them. I’ve often made mistakes being on the hand especially in 2 4 6 8, Consecutive Run, 1 3 5 7 9 and 3 6 9.  So thankful these highlighters were invented and available to help those of us who need it! I recommend these to my friends learning how to play both Siamese and regular Mah Jongg.”

– Fern B.

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