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Most asked Question, answered.

“But won’t the other people at the table be able to see what hand I’m playing?”

That is the most common question we get from mostly advanced or seasoned players, interestingly enough.

The Mah Jongg Highlighters were created for teachers, students and beginner players to build their confidence and remain calm while learning the rules and ultimately playing with advanced players.

They are also extremely helpful while playing Siamese Mah Jongg® as you can imagine. And now for playing online to help you increase your speed and skills. They make it easier for you to go for a Singles and Pairs hand and keep track of its back-up hand if things go south.

Myself and many other advanced beginner players continue using them during 4-person Mah Jongg. Remember, you will place your Highlighters on three or four different hands. One of which you will be vying for. With each “highlighted hand” there are several suits and number combinations for your opponents to consider in order for them to actually know which hand you are playing.

This is a true story.

Someone said to me in a game. “I know which hand you are playing.”

I said, “Oh really? Which one?”

She said, “One that’s highlighted.”

I said, “Well which one? I have four Highlighters on my card. And I may have my Highlighters above or below the hand I am going for.”

She said, “Oh that’s true.”

She then proceeded to call over the girl in charge and purchased a set of Highlighters right then.

Even without the Highlighters, if you have a couple of exposures people may know what you are playing. The three or four Mah Jongg Highlighters simply make it easier for YOU to accurately spot your hand and avoid mix ups and going dead.

Luck, skill and jokers are key to winning with or without the Highlighters.

And keep in mind, it’s a game. So if the Mah Jongg Highlighters help you spot your hands and subsequently allow you to enjoy yourself, have a cocktail, and a little conversation while playing with friends, that’s a nice trade off. Let them peek!

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