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MJ Teachers are Teaching Online and Using Mah Jongg Highlighters.

Teaching American Mah Jongg has become very creative during this time of careful distancing. Some instructors have moved their classes completely online, some are teaching outside, some are teaching privately, etc.

One thing for sure, people want to learn to play this game now more than ever. Perhaps it’s because of the popularity and convenience of playing online in addition to its brain health benefits. Maybe people are looking ahead at the uncertainty, and for activities to safely do while quarantining (which may last longer than anyone knows).

Whatever their reasons, consider assisting them by familiarizing yourself with Mah Jongg Highlighters and incorporating them into your unique teaching method. This tool is quickly becoming an integral part of American Mah Jongg, for students, beginners and for Siamese Mah Jongg® players.

What are Mah Jongg Highlighters?  They are 4″ reusable plastic strips with a unique adhesive property on one side and a stripe of transparent color on the other side. They come in four different colors and can be rinsed clean once they lose stickiness for use over and over again. 

Students simply place a Mah Jongg Highlighter on each of the hands that you suggest they watch as they learn the Charleston and pick tiles from the wall. This allows them to focus on the hands they are developing and it may prevent them from discarding a tile they need for a hand you’ve suggested. Also eliminating the question, “What hands should I be following, again?” – because their hands are highlighted for them! Our website offers bulk pricing with up to 50% off retail. So look for it!

Are you contemplating how to move forward with teaching people to play Mah Jongg? Teaching online may be the best way for now.

My friend Debbie Barnett has created the online interactive School of American Mah Jongg and is now interviewing teachers and players who want to segue into teaching. It’s the perfect solution for you to continue teaching American Mah Jongg during and beyond this pandemic. Her classroom environment is unlike anything else out there. I’ve experienced it. It’s pretty amazing.

Who knows? Once you learn this way of teaching online you may never go back to teaching in person. You may quickly realize your opportunity to teach all over the country and even in Canada. Could be the way of the future. Well, at least another way.

Read about how and why Debbie Barnett uses Mah Jongg Highlighters when she teaches here.

Debbie Barnett’s online teaching information:

An Intro to The School of American Mah Jongg Classroom

Watch video tutorials, read reviews, and purchase “Sleeve Kits” that include a card Sleeve with 3 or 4 Mah Jongg Highlighters for your students. Our BULK pricing allows you to pass the savings onto your students or make additional money for yourself. Find it all right here.

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