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We’ve created a way for you to continue to play Mah Jongg for a lifetime. Mah Jongg Highlighters will take the frustration away from students, beginners and experienced players alike by allowing you to easily spot and keep track of the hands you are building. Players may have or develop vision, memory, focus, etc. issues that slow them down; however, they want to continue playing their favorite game with their beloved friends.

We are committed to providing quality reusable and washable Mah Jongg Highlighters for you and your generations of loved ones to use over and over.

We have card Sleeves in two sizes that fit both the Standard and Large NMJL cards. Our Sleeves stay clear and completely enclose your card. They are considered water resistant and wipe clean from food, germs etc. Our Mah Jongg Highlighters come in Sets of 3 or 4 colors. All our products are made in the USA. Read our Frequently Asked Questions here.

Mah Jongg Highlighters keep everyone playing at every level and stage of life.

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