Mah's Helping Hand


LARGE Sleeve Kit
(3 Highlighters)


Large Sleeve Kit – 1 large card Sleeve with closable flap, to protect your card and 3 reusable Mah Jongg Highlighters. Fits the Large NMJL card and the Large Siamese Mah Jongg® League card. Mah Jongg Highlighter colors vary.

Mah Jongg Highlighters help players of all levels find and easily keep track of several lines or hands at the same time. *They are guaranteed, reusable and washable when used on our Sleeves which is why we sell them as kits.

This Sleeve Kit comes with a large Sleeve and 3 Highlighters making it easy for you to keep track of several hands but tough for your opponents to know which lines you are actually playing.

NEW PLAYERS: Place a Highlighter directly on the hands you are playing. *You should always have a backup hand.

INTERMEDIATE PLAYERS: Use the Highlighters as suggested above and also put one on any hand to use as a decoy, confusing your opponents and steering their eyes away from the hands you are actually following.

Use a Highlighter to keep track of your opponent’s hand once you’ve figured it out. It may prevent you from throwing their Mah Jongg.

Mah Jongg Highlighters are one size and fit on both our Small and Large Sleeves. They are reusable and washable for use over and over!

Siamese Mah Jongg®

Mah Jongg Highlighters are a Must-Have for Siamese Mah Jongg®!

This version of Mah Jongg is played with only two people. Same rules but without a Charleston. Each player uses two racks and strategizes for a DOUBLE Mah Jongg.

So many hands to consider! Remain calm and place a Highlighter on each line you are following. As your hands evolve and likely change, simply move your Highlighters. You’ll  love using them to help you keep track of all your potential Mah Jonggs.

Buy two Siamese Mah Jongg® Kits with 4 Mah Jongg Highlighters. It includes 2 Large Siamese Mah Jongg® League cards, 2 Sleeves and 2 Sets of 4 Highlighters. You and a friend will be ready to play at any time. Use this card for even more fun and challenging hands!

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